I had quite a surprise today while reading the Celiac.com newsletter.  In case you don’t know, Celiac Disease is a disease process where you cannot tolerate the gluten in wheat, barley oats and rye and suffer a range and variety of different symptoms when you eat one of those.    There are now trained gluten sniffing service dogs for people with Celiac disease!  Apparently they have been around for  quite a while. I just don’t read the newsletter as often as I should. These dogs are being used particularly with extremely gluten sensitive Celiac Children.  They generally cost about $16,000 (can you imagine trying to train your pet to do something that complicated!).  I was a little shocked to read this but in the aftermath I can only think what a good idea this is (I don’t know if any of you have been around me after I have made a mistake).  These pups are 93%  to 98% accurate!! Internet sites for the articles on Gluten Sniffing Dogs are:

Gluten sniffing dogs help people with celiac disease

Everything you need to know about gluten sniffing dogs
Gluten-Sniffing Assistance Dog Helps Celiac Sufferer Lead Normal Life




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