Sensory Impaired Services

Deaf Culture & Language Training

SICIL’s ITAC program assists persons with hearing impairments to obtain amplified telephones.

Special Programs for the Blind

SICIL offers assistance to persons who are blind or have low vision.  

Braille Keyboard

Equipment Training & Acquisition

Assistance in acquiring/learning the use of TTY’s
(Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf) and other
assistive devices used to increase independence in
everyday living.


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One Time Purchases

Service Coordination

Training & Support

Personal Assistant Services

Network or team of people

Personal Assistant Referral & Training

SICILrecruits and presreens persons seeking employment as Personal Assistants. Upon request, a list of
qualified PA’s is provided to any consumer who wishes to
hire on assistant.

Person providing training or education

Personal Assistant Management

SICIL offers consumer training in how to develop and
manage successful employer/employee working
relationships. Techniques in hiring, negotiating,
supervising, firing, etc. are addressed.

Assistant with headset

Reader and Other Assistant Referral

search for assistants with special skills or qualifications.

Hands holding up family

Case Management

SICIL assists consumers with on array of tasks which
may include: the completion of necessary paperwork,
attainment of equipment, housing and other aids that
increase their independence.

Vocational Services

Job Development

Job Placement

Job Coach Support Services

Job Evaluation

Individual Services

Community Services