The Community Reintegration Program provides services to help people under 60 years of age with disabilities who are living in the nursing homes to return to living independently in their communities.

Service Coordination
SICIL staff will help eligible consumers indentify and secure the community services and resources they need to live successfully outside an institution. This may include assistance for appropriate housing, arranging medical care, obtaining a personal assistant or home health service, setting up Electronic Home Response services, arranging for transportation, etc.

One Time Purchases
SICIL may provide financial assistance necessary for start-up and initial maintenance of a community residence. Possible one time expenses may include rent, utility deposit, furnishings, appliances, linens, initial stock of food, etc. Home modification for accessibility and prchases of assistive devices may be part of the project.

Training and Support
Staff will work with each consumer to develop skills and confidence they need to manage and maintain independence in the community. Training is also available to P.A.'s, family members, and significant other who may assure a smooth transition from institutional to community living.
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