SICIL has a goal to foster a barrier-free society for all persons. We strive to furnish the community-at-large with any service that could eliminate negative attitudes towards people with disabilities and stimulate equal access for all. We work with businesses, government officials, clubs, and other organizations; They can contact SICIL for techincal assistance in removing physical barriers from community buildings and programs, to receive training about disabilities, to receive a list of intrepreters for the deaf, to use the Center when an accessible meeting place is needed, and much more. Our efforts include the following.

Public Education and Outreach
We strive to educate the public by sharing disability information through media releases, workshops, presentations, and mailings.

Technical Assistance
We assist communities and businesses in providing accommodations or creating access to buildings, programs, and services in a cost-effective manner.

We offer initiatives to increase opportunities for all to people with disabilities to participate equally in classrooms, worksites, and any public setting.
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