IL Services are tailored individual needs and offer services to aid a person with a disability reaching self-set independent living goals.

Information and Referral
We offer information concerning disability or independent living issues and referrals to resources outside the Center when needed to fully address a consumer's need.

We advocate to help people with disabilities gain rights and benefits that are being denied him/her due to disability.

Skills Training
We help a person to learn any aspect of living that they believe will increase their independence. These include cooking, budget, finding housing, filling out benefit forms, and the use of assistive technology.

Peer Counseling
A person with a disability provides one-on-one or group support to others with disabilities. Role-modeling and sharing coping or problem-solving methods are powerful tools used to help others wishing to become more self-sufficient.

Case Management
SICIL assists consumers with an array of tasks which may include the completion of necessary paperwork and attainment of necessary equipment, housing, and other aids that increase their independence.
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