The purpose of SICIL's Personal Assistant Referral and Training Program is to provide services which are critical to consumers who rely on personal assistants (PA's) to do the chores that they are unable to do for themselves, in order to maintain their community living status. The PA staff will also assist consumers who have been unjustly denied Home Services or have experienced cuts in their Home Services Program.

Personal Assistant Referral & Training
SICIL recruits and prescreens those seeking employment as personal assistants. Basic skills training is available in both group and individual formats to any person wishing to develop or retain PA skills. Upon request, a list of qualified PA's is provided to any consumer who wishes to hire an assistant.

Personal Assistant Management Training
SICIL offers consumer training in how to develop and manage successful employer/employee relationships. Techniques in hiring, negotiating, supervising, firing, etc. are addressed.

Reader and Other Assistant Referral
SICIL maintains a list of readers, note takers, chore workers, and other assistants to meet consumers' hiring needs. Consumers with special needs can request a search for assistants with special skills of qualifications.
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